Sidney signs sponsorship deal with

02/18/2010 19:48


Sidney Silva just joined the Oxygen4Energy Team. According to Sidney, the canned oxygen from is awesome for MMA fighters. If he uses oxygen before training, he has more energy and endurance to train harder. If he uses oxygen after his training, he recovers much faster so he can train harder more often.

Sidney is really excited to be associated with such an exciting new product and company. He believes that the oxygen is just what he needs to take his training and fighting to the next level!

A spokesperson from Oxygen4Energy stated, "We are excited to have an up and coming fighter like Sidney as part of our team. He is a hard worker, a skilled fighter, and a very classy person. He representation can only be a positive for our company. We look forward to watching Sidney progress in his career as an MMA Fighter and member of WAND Fight Team!" 


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